we are a creative design studio

Workplace Environment

Naeem Apparel. believes that a congenial work environment increases efficiency and motivates employees to deliver their best.

The use of electrical installations, overhead lamps, forced duct ventilation, and generous spacing between equipment makes the production floor comfortable to work in and aesthetically pleasing. Routes to be used in emergencies along with fire safety equipment like fire hydrants and smoke/ fire detectors ensure the safety of the workers.

Faucets with safe drinking water and hygienic toilets are provided in adequate numbers and positioned for easy access of all workers. There are separately designated toilets for female and male workers.

After legally incorporating in June 2017, Naeem Apparel secured an operating location in September of the same year. The factory acquired machinery in June 2017, Necessary building, construction, and remodeling were completed in July 2017 and the initial production tests were carried out in August.

Code of Conduct

Naeem Apparel. is a responsible apparel producer and embodies both in spirit and practice internationally established codes of social accountability and ethical business practices It recognizes and respects cultural differences and employs individuals solely based on their qualification for the job.